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Cubamigos offers to you rooms, apartments, Studios, houses with pools along Cuba. Write to us: CUBAMIGOS@YAHOO.ES and tell us what kind of accommodations you are looking for .

CUBAMIGOS is a 100% cuban site for finding vacation rental homes, vacation apartments, bedrooms with city and ocean view, rooms in beach houses, rooms in beautiful colonial houses, bed and breakfasts, houses with pool and other vacation rentals by owner.

In Havana we can provide rooms from the Old Havana to the residential Miramar . But don't forget El VEdado with its Villas and mansions from the early XX century ,the buildings from the 50th and the gorgeous parks and avenues.

We can recommend rooms along the Island. We also provide guides for private tours, showing those special places out of the official tour paths.

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Esta lista siempre esta' siendo actualizada Las casas del interior no estan incluidas. Antes de su llegada queda todo arreglado.


Apartamento Buen Samaritano (2 bedr / 2 hab.) Casa Vedado: 3 hab.Casa Colonial. 5*
Apartamento Lucy (2 bedrooms/ 2 habitaciones)
GALIANO (roof garden ) Casa Colonial Carmita
Rampa Apartment / Apartamento Rampa Nelson in Old Havana/ Habana vieja
Nuvia Apart. Vista al Mar | Ocean View Yasmani Habana Vieja (4 hab|bedr)
Apartment RAMPA-HAMLET (independent) Casa GALIANO 2 HABANA CENTRO (2 bdr/hab)
Apartamento CUBA 60 (Old Havana/ Habana Vieja) Yessica & Felipe II. Habana Vieja. 2 bedrooms

Calle I Altos (upstairs)

Penthouse H y 25 (3 bedrooms/ 3 hab)
Calle I Bajos (downstairs)
Apartamento GRETEL (2 bdr/ hab) 1892.Brdr & Apartment in colonial house/ Apartamento & Habs. en casa colonial
Apartamento Niurka (2 bedr / 2 hab)
Apartamento ELIA (2 bdr/ 2 hab)
Apartamento Malecon - Calle 23 Quinta Colonial Vedado (4 br/hab)
Apartamento Lucrecia 402 (2 bdr-2 hab)
Apartamento Lucrecia 404 (1 bdr-1 hab) ( Sea View) Casa Cary Old Havana / Habana Vieja / 4 br/ hab)

Lucio's apartment (1 bedroom | 1 hab)

Casa Angeles.
1892.Brdr & Apartment in colonial house/ Apartamento & Habs. en casa colonial Colonial 808
Colonial La Rampa
Apartamento Caballero (old Havana/ Habana Vieja) Casa Laura y Rodney - Habana Vieja/ Old Havana
HUMBOLT Penthouse Vedado-Madrigal (5 bedrooms / 5 hab.) + a bar for groups & family
Humbolt 306
HUMBOLT Apartamento 1 Complejo habitacional 5 hab. / Multi Lodging 5 bedrooms
HUMBOLT Apartamento 2 Jessica Rooms in Old Havana (habana Vieja)

Apto Lidia Malecon. * Indep. area. Vista/View

casa sasi 2 hab. A family renting dif. options

Apartment 3 bedr./ Apartamento 3 habitaciones . ANA MARIA

Graciela's Linea mansion
Apartamento Paseo (2 bedr/hab) Casa Orquidea (4 bedrooms | hab)
Apartamento Humbolt Riviera Casa Raquel. 2 hab.
Yessica & Felipe I. Habana Vieja. Independiente casa Maritza. Old Havana. 2 hab
Yessica & Felipe III.Habana Vieja. Mini apartment Maribel Habana Vieja / Old Town
Electra. Apart.Ind. Havana Vieja 2 hab + 1 Pent-House Evora 2 hab.

Pepe & Christie independent apartment 2 bedroom apartamento independiente 2 habitaciones

Sinai & Miriam . Old town/ Habana vieja
Casa Anita (Art Deco')2 hab (1 double).
Apartment IRELUC (3 bedrooms/cuartos) Casa Blanca /White House (bedr in colonial House / Hab. en casa colonial)

Studio Alicia 1 hab. (+1)

CAlle I Altos (independent room/ habitacion)  
CAlle I Bajos (independent room/ habitacion) Alexis: Mansion Habana
Ivon_Marilin (2 hab/bedrooms) Casa Teresita 2 hab. (+1)
Ana apartamento de 3 habitaciones |3 bedrooms Casa Elisa 2 hab. (1 double)
OceanView indp. apart/ Vista al Mar apart. indep. Neoclasico 1913 (2 bedrooms/2 hab. )
Lupe Apart. 3 hab/ 3 bedrooms Casa Mariveli 2 hab
Independent Apartment Mercy 1 Ana Julia- Magda. Focsa 21
Independent Apartment Mercy 2 casa Bienvenida . A whole family renting
Apartamento San Lazaro (1 brm/ 1 hab) Maria en Avenida Paseo
Apartamento Suzana DUPLEX BABI 2 Hab/Bedr
Carmen & Hector Apartment / Apartamento Casa Calle 2. (+1)
Javier apart 3 habitaciones/bedrooms  
Apartamento Capitolio
Apartamento Maria Cristina. 3 hab. Indep. Casa Libertad 2 hab. (+1)
Apartamento Alicia- Amaya (Old Havana)  
Apartamento Suzana (con acceso a piscina) BEACH RENTALS | CASAS EN LA PLAYA
Cristina's 2 bedroom apartment/ Apartamento de 2 habitaciones Boca Ciega Beach House in Havana/ Casa en la Playa en La Habana
Apartamento indep. 1hab/independent flat 1 bedr. Brisas del Mar( beach house - casa en la playa)
Lisette. Independiente. Apartamento. Vedado Casa with pool / Casa con piscina (TROPICANA)
Mirta's bungalow (apartment)
Idania House-apartment / Casa -apartamento
Apartamento Obispo 5 (Old Havana/ Habana Vieja
Complete Apart. /Apartamento Independiente. GUIDO
Apartamento J'valle' (old Havana)
Apartmento Indep. GALIANO
Aurora. Penthouse with ocean view/ Vista al mar